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About us

Our web portal represents one of the best online platforms for gamblers from all over Great Britain as we provide the players with the reviews and tests of the casinos that do not belong to the Gamstop organization. Thus, we ensure a fair and non-biased judgment on the quality of gambling services provided by the casinos that we write about.

Meet Our Team

If you have been looking for somebody to trust with your choice of an online casino in Great Britain, you have come to the right place. We have been involved in the gambling industry for more than five years, as our team has become crystallized as a team of professionals and real experts. As of now, those are the very best financial analysts and auditors, as well as some professional players, who are working in our team; thus, supplying you with the very best analytical and casino review services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people choose the very best online casinos and eventually enjoy incredible gaming experiences. We carry out online casinos tests and then write our reviews on the basis of those tests. We pay special attention to particular parameters, which are deemed the most important in regards to finding the very best options for our customers. Those are the things that we pay attention to in the first place:

  • Bonuses;
  • License;
  • Software developer;
  • Support quality;
  • Payment methods, etc.

Our Values

We have to remain clear on our values. Hence, below is the list of values and convictions that guide us in our daily routine


Being independent means being free of any bias. While our mission envisages an absolute absence of bias and discrimination in everything that we do, being independent is important to us.


Honesty cannot exist without transparency, especially when it comes to talking about online casinos. We want to be transparent because we have nothing to hide.


We strive for quality because we want you to be satisfied with our services. Quality is the foundation on which the building of our mutual trust stands.


Quality is not possible without expertise. Therefore, we are experts in our domain because only experts can be trusted by the customers.

How We Review Online Casinos

There are five main parameters that we pay attention to when dealing with a review of a new online casino. Here you can find a detailed explanation of why each of the aforementioned features is important.


When somebody starts playing at an online casino, this is the generosity that the person is waiting for. Well, there is no better way for the casino to express it than to provide the players with bonuses. What is more, the availability of bonuses is one of the best indicators of the financial stability of a casino.


An online casino has to have a license as otherwise, its operational activities can be deemed illegal. We take proper care of the security of our customers, so the availability of a license is the first thing that we pay attention to.

Software Developer

Playing at an online casino must be fun, first of all. Therefore, checking the software developer means checking the quality and the selection of the games provided to the players by the casino.

Support Quality

Quite often, it might happen that a player can have a couple of questions that he or she might need the answers to with immediate effect. Some people might need help during the registration process, payment system selection, etc. Therefore, every casino under review has to provide proper support to the players.

Payment Methods

Every customer has to be eligible to choose a payment method that suits him or her the most. Therefore, we always check how many payment methods a casino offers to its players. The more, the merrier.