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Privacy Policy

This policy describes how Non-Gamstopcasinos uses the data you submit to its website and the measures it takes to protect it. By submitting your information on the website, you give you consent for this personal data to be used as per the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy informs you how we treat the personal and non-personal data you share with this website.

We encourage you to carefully read this Policy to know your rights as a user of our Services and the measures we take to ensure your data is safe. At the slightest hint of this data being mishandled or misused, we encourage you to contact us without hesitation.

About Us

NON-GAMSTOPCASINOS (“We,” “Us,” or “Website”) is the central place where all casinos licensed to operate in the UK and Ireland are listed for discerning casino game players. This website allows users (“You,” “Subject”) to learn more about gambling and services provided by online casinos.

Information we Collect

Non-personal Data – We collect any information relating to your data usage, including pages you visited, your IP address, the browser you used, pages you clicked on, products you clicked or selected, the originating site where you may have been referred from, devices used to access our website, time of access, and frequency of use.

Personal Data – We will, at some point, request to send you information such as a Newsletter, but only after making clear what information you can expect. We could also pick out some information from Live Chats that could be used to improve our Service to you. We will outline the nature and frequency of newsletters or any other information; we will gather data that you will provide, such as email addresses and phone numbers. This information will only be used for the purpose mentioned when collecting it. We will clearly outline whether this information will be passed on to a third party, as well as the process to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Every link sent will include an “unsubscribe” link. We cannot use the information provided to identify you.

Type of Data CollectedUsage of Data
Personal data – such as name and address of user, email address that you could have used to contact us or for the purpose of receiving a newsletter.We use this data to add value to the service provided and to provide you with the support you will have sought when contacting us.
Non-personal data such as browser used and pages visited.We will use this data to run marketing material that will not interfere with your browsing.
Information deemed personal such as Internet Protocol – IP Address.One’s IP address can be used to identify them, and so we take all measures to protect it from third parties in ways it could harm you if it got into the wrong hands. We will use this information to improve our Service to suit your location.

How we Collect data

We collect data in two ways; through cookies and voluntarily.


A cookie is data collected and stored on your personal computer regarding your use of the internet. History from all the sites you have visited is stored here to show a trend of your online activity. We use cookies to make your interaction with pages you have used seamlessly so that you are allowed access to some of the services automatically without having to enter your details once again.

Our website uses; ‘Session cookies’ that are temporarily stored to be used only when a browsing session is active. They are solely for allowing the use of the open page easily and will be deleted when the browser is closed. ‘Persistent cookies’ are stored on your browser for a fixed period of time and used by our website to know who you are for repeat visits. These cookies are not deleted when the browser is closed, but they are only used by our website. ‘Third party cookies’ are used by other analytics companies such as Google, who want to analyze your interaction with our website. They are not sessions since they stay fixed for a period of time.

If you, at any time, may feel the need to disable cookies, your web browser has a detailed guideline on how to go about it. You may want to note that it will affect the way you access our website since we lose some of the stored data that made the experience seamless for you when you disable them. Learn more about cookies on: www.allaboutcookies.org/

There are three types of cookies:

Essential and Security Cookies – They are used for user authentication and to keep your data secure. These cookies are essential, and their removal is not recommended because it will make it hard to access some services from the website.

Performance and Analytics Cookies – These enable us to memorize your IP information, country of access, and language preferred so that you won’t have to enter these details afresh each time you access the website.

We use Google’s Google Analytics to identify preferences and sites visited and other information that we find useful in order to serve you better. These cookies, including your truncated IP address, are stored in Google’s database and used to compile reports of your internet usege for our website, mainly to help us identify your preferences for targeted marketing. Google may then use this information where required by law or for other third parties. You can deactivate Google Analytics from your browser using this downloadable add-on: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl.

Advertising Cookies – These master your preference, sites visited, and products clicked each time so that analytics can use targeted marketing when you visit the website. We do not use such cookies on our site.

Information Shared Voluntarily

We may ask for information at some point to ether subscribe you to our newsletter or send priority information when it becomes available. We only use this information for the purpose intended and outlined.

NON-GAMSTOPCASINOS contains links to other sites such as bookmakers and those offering services that may be of interest to you, and we have no control over them. They are not covered by this Privacy Policy and so we are not responsible for how they work. We advise you exercise caution when accessing those sites.

How we Use Collected Information

We use the data collected to optimize our services and, once in a while, marketing. We may use the data provided to optimize the information available for you or answer some of the questions you may have. We may use personal data to deliver timely information such as offers and newsletters. We may also use this information to notify you of changes in our Services or business strategy that we believe could affect the way we interact. We will use the non-personal data to improve the functionality of our website. We will NOT sell, distribute, or lease the information we have collected unless we are obligated by the law to do so or are have your consent.

Sharing Personal and Non-personal Data

Unless the following events happen, we do not share your personal data;

We have your consent – When you consent to us sharing your personal and non-personal data with third parties, we oblige, but then this information will now be subject to the third party’s privacy policy.

Legal Mandate – Where we have a legal obligation to disclose user information, we will oblige.

Policy Enforcement – We may have to disclose user information where there is a breach of policy, and we are required to defend our stand against such events like fraud, illegal activities, policy violations, and security concerns.

Associated Third Parties – We may share user information with entities closely associated with us or are under common control.

Technical Reasons – Where identifiers such as IP addresses are required to identify a user for the sake of calculating a payment or fraud detection, we will disclose user information.

Rights of a User Regarding Personal Data

We shall retain personal data collected until individual requests that delete any of the gathered data or for as long as it is needed to provide a service. Users have the right to inquire about the personal data we have collected about them. They also have the right to ask that we package it in an electronic format and hand this data to them under applicable legislation. They also are entitled to request that we transfer the said data to a third party.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, users have the right to ask for the erasure of information held by us, the right to restrict or object its processing, the right to take back their consent to share the data, and the right to request rectification. To communicate with us when you feel the need to affect any of these rights, contact us.

No Fee Required

You will not be charged a fee when you evoke any of the above rights, but if the requests are repetitive and hold no base, then we may ask that you pay a reasonable sum to package the data as per your wish. If you are unwilling to pay the required fee and we feel your request is unfounded, we have the right to refuse your request.

Security Measures in Data Transfer

Before we affect a request, we may need to get more information to help us with your identity as the owner of the requested personal data. This measure is taken to ensure information is only passed to the rightful recipient and that you have the right to it. To prevent any loss of data or it being transferred to the wrong user, we use technological processes, such as encryption, while minimizing the amount of stored data to make it manageable and relevant.

Response Time

We will request reasonable amounts of time to respond so that we can fully do the required due diligence before sharing personal data. We may request additional information or more time to ensure everything is in order, and the information is as requested. We will let you know when your request is complex and could require more than a month for us to respond.

Opting Out

You have the right to opt-out of any plan this website puts in place, and that includes marketing content, emails sharing newsletters, and advertising services. To opt-out, you can either unsubscribe to these Service or contact us. Please note opting out may affect the way you access our services.

Data Security

We take measures to ensure your personal data is safe and will not in any way be accessed by malicious parties or be shared without your consent. We have in place measures to alert us when this personal data has been tampered with and will alert you in this event. While the safety of your data is our top priority, we know that information shared online is not completely safe from malicious acts, and so we will not be liable in the event of a breach. If at any point you feel your personal data has not received the appropriate treatment or someone has attempted to abuse our Website or Privacy Policy, contact us immediately.

Minors’ Access

This website offers insights into the gambling world which restricts children below the age of 18. We reserve the right to refuse accepting personal data with anyone below this age limit, and to do that, we may, at some point, request proof of a user’s age. Do not use this website to collect data from underage individuals knowingly so as to provide services or market to them.


We will update this Privacy Policy from time to time so that the only form posted on our website will be the latest at all times. We will indicate on the heading under “last updated” to let you know when the policy was last updated.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to contact us about your personal data or this Privacy Policy, reach out to us through information on the Contact Page.